Graphic Designers the world over use the Adobe Create Suite to create their Masterpieces. It is my preferred choice.
    With a strong knowledge of Mass Communication techniques I can make your promotional material work with you.
  • Sound Marketing Knowledge
    Design is more than pretty pictures. A properly Priced Product has to have the right Placement and Promotion.
    Not only can I make your promotion look good, I will make a reproducable. I have extensive knowledge in pre-press and production techniques. To ensure that you are getting a quality finished product.
Collaterol Campaigns

Shoaf Design Studio works cooperatively with you to fully understand your industry, your business and your needs. We will help you to develop a message and image that will promote the benefits of your business to your target audience. Not only allowing for the “Wow”, but assist in generating increased response. Here are few types of the most popular print media projects:

• Brochures
• Media & Sales Kits
• Package Design
• Presentation Folders
• Business Collateral
• Signage & Displays
• Inserts & Newsletters
• Annual Reports & Catalogs
• Book Jackets & CD Inserts
• Magazines & publications
• Print Advertising campaign

...limitless possibilities!

We can deliver any print request you may have, as well as fulfill the actual printing services to assure a quality job.

Advertising Campaigns

Shoaf Design Studio will match your customers’ needs and create promotional materials that:

• Capture Attention
• Commmunicate Clearly
• Create a Positive Impression
• Increase Response

Good graphic design and promotional strategy exploresoriginal ways to draw attention to your business. It’s simple – Shoaf Design Studio wants your promotional materials to reflect the level of energy and expertise that you pour into your business. It’s all about creating first impressions that deserve a second look. In order to capture attention you must give them a reason to listen to your message. Most companies simply announce their name and list of services. Making it impossible for potential clients to recognize that you are the best choice. We take the time to discover what it is you do well and exploit it. Make sure your ad is designed by a professional who can focus on you, not by someone filling space in their publication. An investment early on in a campaign could make all the difference between failure and success. Shoaf Design Studio will assist in your success by:

• Creating a compelling advertising message
• Designing an ad that will ATTRACT your prospects attention
• Leading the prospect to a specific course of action

These techniques are simple, yet they are underused in the majority of businesses. The message alone, and its strength (or lack there of) will determine a great deal of an ads success.




Roy Sonnema:

"Shawna was the lead designer who was able to get very precise work done exactly as needed. She is an extremely knowledgeable and competent designer and consultant, who gets things done on time and above expectations. She is also a very pleasant person to work with. Highly recommended."