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What do you charge for your graphic design services?
What is your payment plan for graphic design services?
Do you do speculative or "comped" work?
Do you accept credit cards?
How will I receive my design project once it is done?
Can you do rush jobs?
What if I decide to cancel a design job?


What do you charge for your graphic design services? BACK TO TOP

SDS creates an Estimate and Confirmation based on specific information collected in the initial consultion. Your business is unique we take into account all the circumtances surrounding your project. That way your direct needs are addressed on an individual basis.

What is you payment plan for graphic design services? BACK TO TOP

For jobs with a quote of under $300, an initial payment representing 50% of the total fee is required upon signing a estimate and confirmation. The remainder fee is due upon completion of the job.

For projects with a quote of over $300, an initial payment representing 30% of the estimated total fee is required. The second one-third is billable upon the halfway point of the project, with the final third due upon completion of the project.

All production jobs require a 50% deposit with balance due on reciept. All digital media (i.e. Web sites) will be uploaded live upon recieving final payment.

Do you do speculative/comped work? BACK TO TOP

Speculative work is when someone approaches a designer to create an image with the speculation that they will pay for the image created if the image fits their needs or likes.

The answer to the question is - No. Speculative ("spec") work devalues the potential of design and essentially hurts both the designer and the client. I have two things that are valuable: The first being time and the second being Ideas. Both of which are required to create amazing design.

Asking a designer to do spec work would be like asking a Landscaper to design your yard and telling them "If I like it, I will pay you."

Though the services of spec work and "comping" images is attractive to the client, it does them a great disservice. A designer working "on-spec" does not have the vested interest in the success of your company. Yes, I will say that it is difficult for companies to take the leap of faith with designers, as ideas are intangible. Yet that is what our expertise is all about. Shoaf Design Studio makes every effort to keep our clients satisfied, and has done so for 9 years. What I do has value and I should be compensated for this.

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Do you accept credit cards? BACK TO TOP

Shoaf Design Studio accepts cash, check and money orders.

Credit card payments are accepted using PayPal. This is a simple and secure way to accept your credit card payments. Opening an account with Paypal is easy and convenient.

How will I receive my design project once it is complete? BACK TO TOP

Upon final approval of the design and the remainder payment is received, the files are released for production. Transfer of requested rights will occur after receipt and clearance of final payment. Print media will be delivered upon paid balance and digital media is provided upon final payment

Can you do rush jobs ? BACK TO TOP

SDS may accept rush jobs at an increase of 50%-100% of our standard fee, determined by the schedule and complexity of the job.

What if I decide to cancel a design job? BACK TO TOP

For design work, the client shall only be billed for the hours worked to that point and/or any expenses accrued related to the project.