Brand Experience


Your "brand identity" or "corporate image" is the impression formed with every point of contact with a customer that causes an opinion… good or bad.

Business cards brochures, direct mail, advertisements, presentations, web sites, signs, even memo's and inner office communcation!

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Web & Media Design


Marketing has changed has your? Today customers have and infinite amount of information to sift through, and dozens of choices... All at the click of a button. What are 2/3 of your clientele doing right now?! They are visiting your company's web site BEFORE they make a purchasing decision.

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PRINT Campaigns

Shoaf Design Studio works cooperatively with you to fully understand your industry, your business and your needs. We create each project to your objectives and requirements. We will help you to develop a message and image that will promote the benefits of your business and to your target audience.

Not only allowing for the “Wow”, but assist in generating increased response.

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Providing leading DESIGN services










Our process may be templated
but our design is anything but!

A Proven Process that allows you confidence in our abilities and allows for maximum creativity. You know exaclty what to expect when working with Shoaf Design Studio. From concept to Completion! We communicate with you along the way.

Collateral & Campaigns

Needs Analysis – uncovers needs and objectives for the project.
Project Scope – definition of project requirements and responsibilities.
Creative Design – design solutions that are viable and meet outlined criteria
Design Development – finalization of project elements
Pre-Press & Production – approval and production management of the project

Web & Digital Media
Needs Analysis – uncovers needs and objectives for the project.

Needs Analysis – understanding your Web site goals & audience.
Content Architecture – planning your Web site
Creative Design – creating & refining your unique Web site design.
Implementation – bringing together design & technical aspects
Final Testing – quality assurance testing
Site Launch – your approved & validated Web site goes live.

We understand that you need choices
  • Multiple solutions to your marketing needs. We give you options not just one typical solution to your concern.
  • Not just cookie cutter templates - but design that is as unique as you and your business.
  • The majority of our projects are fixed cost contracts, which help manage costs and prevent a job from escalating. Most contracts also include a built in volume discounts pending project size/type.
  • Flexibile payments plans to assist you as your business.
  • Quotes can be provided on a per project basis, multiple project discounts, or and affordable long-term contract as an extension of your marketing department.
  • Shoaf Design Studio works with several print and webhosting companies - including those who you may currently have a relationship with.

  • Optional usage rights and copyright choices so you can choose to create trademarks and copyrights of your projects.