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We take your marketing goals and objectives and make them extraordinary. We have serviced clientel right here in Pueblo, Colorado and throughout the United States.

More than ever, well-designed and well-targeted communications are essential to the success of large and small businesses alike. Graphic Design relates to every visual element of your organization or company. This includes your visual identity, print communications, advertising and promotion, product branding, point of purchase, exhibits and signage.
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DESIGN Strategy


Good graphic design and promotional strategy explores original ways to draw attention to your business.

Design is not about filters, and trendy art, templates or cookie cutter crafts. It is about the bottom line.

Project Management

We make your print & web communications shine!

Shoaf Design Studio works cooperatively with organizations to fully understand your industry, your business and your needs. We see your project through - from concept to completion!

 Branding Identity

Brands have POWER!

The power to inspire:

Brands have the power to provide clarity:
of DIRECTION, of VALUES, of purpose.

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 ONLINE Marketing

TWO-THIRDS of your clients are online... are YOU?

Is you online marketing designed to be effective? Easily Navigated? Market Driven?

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It takes a great deal of trust to hire a company you don't already have a relationship with. We appreciate your concern and are committed to building that trust while providing you with quality work and exceptional customer service.

Experience, Commitment and Quality . . .

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• More information had been produced in the last 30 years than in the previous 5000 years.

• One weekday issue of The New York Times contains more info than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 17th century.

• In 1975 there where only 300 on-line databases. In 1996 there were 7,900. It is guessed that 90 million data bases can be accessed by the average American today.

What are you doing to cut through the clutter?

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Client Spotlight

Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center (NWDC) is near and dear to my heart! It is the combination of Mountain Park Environmental Center and the Nature and Raptor Center. I had the honor of recreating the brand identity to include elements from previous brands and meet the new objectives of the organization. NWDC's mission is to get folks in nature! Learn more at

I can't wait to reveal an amazing interactive digital newsletter this coming Spring.


NWDC Logotype Brand